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Alter_Fritz, the significance is very sipmle. The employer, a law firm, now must worry if the actions of their paralegal are going to result having one or more of their hard drives, complete with confidential client data, ordered in for forensic inspection. Even if no overt threat to subpoena his work computer was made, unless his employers have been under a rock, they have to know that's a basic part of the RIAA's play book.Talk about placing the paralegal employee in a difficult position with his employers. Imagine having to disclose to clients that their files are going to be examined by a third party they don't know. But worry not, that third party is under a court ordered gag. If I were the client, I would be angry beyond words.In my very lay opinion, it's nothing more then harassment. Anyone want to bet whether or not Mr. Raymond has been on the carpet discussing this matter with a few of the more senior management of that law firm?Being a lay person I don't know what kind of storm the RIAA can raise with Raymond's employer. But with Raymond being their IT guy with access to everything on the network, I think a case could be made to examine all the storage in the building Raymond had access to.Of course with the RIAA behaving like a well mannered protection racket, I could see them making a back channel offer to the law firm about forgetting the whole discovery thing if Raymond does not work there anymore.

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