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Shaolin Mystery: Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff

Travel across ancient China and help Yu as she searches for the mythical Jade Dragon Staff. Save your wrongly imprisoned friend in this fun and exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game. Explore fantastic locations, meet monks, speak to spirits, and much more as you embark on this epic adventure through beautiful China.
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Számlálók: 287
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1 Christian   [Bejegyzés]
Hey,Brian!I'm a big fan of your work!I'm from Bulgaria and i really loved your Obsession ciocms.They were fantastic!Maybe next month they will publish KOTOR here in my country and it will be great!!!!!!From what i see from the previews i think your art is great!!!!!!!!!And many of my friends are big fans of your art,too!I don't speak English very well,so there might be a few mistakes

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